Things You Need To Know Before Uploading Your Music To Soundcloud.

Hey there, today I took the time out to put together an list of things you’ll need to know before uploading your music to Soundcloud, Mymixtapez, or any of the other top music platforms available to our fellow indie artist.

  1. PROFIT/NON PROFIT USE – This is an key step , and possibly the main reason I listed this as the first step. Are you planning on making money off of your music, or are you using this project as an non-profit release just to build an fan base or for personal entertainment? If making money is an big as your passion for music then you will need to have your works registered. 
  2. COPYRIGHT YOUR MUSIC – People still asked all the time is it important to copyright your music now in days due to time stamps the computer provides when you upload. But remember if someone chose to still your tune or melody let alone your lyrics without the lyrics you have no documents proving its yours, only a time stamp proving your upload date! Be sure to take full ownership of your music CLICK HERE
  3. REGISTER YOUR SONG – Now that your song is fully owned by you, its time to register it with an Performance Rights Organization (BMI,ASCAP,SOUNDEXCHANGE). These are companies that pretty much go above and beyond to collect royalties owed to you and send you your check. Make sure you sign up to ASCAP or BMI as an Songwriter (CHOOSE ONLY ONE) and ASCAP and BMI as an Music Publisher. These are non-profit organizations used by all the big names from MJ to COLDPLAY, homeyP to Jay-Z have all used there services. Now just use SoundExchange to register to your work as well, SoundExchange will cover all royalties from streaming services like Pandora, ITunes ,Etc. 
  4. RECAP – Now that we have an hit record recorded , we figured out the use ,its all copyrighted registered with BMI and ASCAP. It’s time to submit our song for free to the industry standard Nielsen Bds Radio and MediaBaseCharts. This will allow you to keep track of all of your spins/plays and you can use this data to help land an deal or to add to your press kit. Their service takes care of monitoring radio,internet ,and television airplay of your song
  5. UPLOAD YOUR MUSIC – Now its time to upload your music , make sure you have cover art , and #hashtags Ready !!! YOUR READY TO UPLOAD YOUR MUSIC, Be sure to subscribe, and follow on social media for exclusives, Leave soundcloud link in comments for networking ! Thanks. Be sure to click the link below to see how you can recieve $100 iTunes gift card for music purchases. iTunes Gift Card

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