Starting Off Your Music Career???

Starting off as an indie artist in the music industry can be a long journey.Also, an tough one.Its simply an highly saturated field with millions of others doing exactly what you’re doing…trying to make it.Image result for rap career meme

So without any guidance it can be a frustrating field. That frustration can be avoided,we as an team can grow in the music business.How exactly?? I’ve actually been an independent artist for an few years and just recently gained enough experience and committed a few mistakes that I will like to for you to avoid throughout your journey.So pretty much, through my journey I will share with you things that work and things that did not. SIMPLE.

I will go in the best order I can that I believe help , starting with the actually recording process. You most definitely want to provide high quality music to your future fans. If you can afford to record at an professional studio pay the tab.If not find the best area to record for your budget sometimes some of your best music will come from these places simply because you generate an bond with the engineer , and they will do there best to provide you the best mix.BE SURE TO TEST MUSIC out on the car stereo, home, headphones, etc before sharing.Make any revisions necessary before releaseImage result for song quality meme

Lease Your Instrumentals !!!!!

Trust me I’ve downloaded beats from YouTube just like the rest of the world.But in order to get paid for your work, you have to own it. I don’t know about you but if music is my career I want to get paid. Most leases start around $20 and gives you rights to sell to about 2000-3000 copies before needing to renegotiate anything. Also you get the Wav. file for better quality or with the premiums Track Out Beat where you can remove or add sounds necessary to make a hit !

Now that you’ve selected the right studio for your sound,leased your beat, and wrote a killer verse its time to record your single , Test it on all devices you own from cheap to expensive, if its for an album copyright and vault for now till the next blog. We will go over social media so we can prepare our audience for upcoming release, I will also put together a list to build your in-home studio for smaller productions.



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