Best way to get more sales, plays, or downloads from your music

Starting out in the music industry you will quickly understand that the music biz is an very saturated field,filled with millions with the same career goal in mind.Knowing that, we all feel we have the talent too make it but very few of us has the business knowledge intact prior to beginning of our music career.What happens is we upload music to these sites and platforms hoping to hit a million views and becoming that overnight celebrity.In all reality, that’s clearly not happening the way you dreamt. You’re uploading music but the plays are way less than the million you pictured. That’s okay actually we’ve all made the mistake.Its simply not knowing where the mistake is.SO LETS COVER OUR TRACKS AND POINT OUT THE PROBLEM ❗❗❗

First , let’s make sure you’re caught up. Check out my blog on before uploading music to the web you’ll find it very useful and actually ties in to our current topic.

Now that we’re all caught up let’s talk cover art:


I’ve actually found having professional cover art can be the game changer.Possible fans of your music may never become fans or give your music an try because of an “shitty” cover or low resolution images used as art. You should treat this part of uploading as main priority aside to the the actually quality of the product your revealing to the public. The best thing about cover art it can be fun thing to learn on the side to save on your budget and also if that’s something you didn’t care for I’ll provide the services starting at $25 need it just send a quick email and that’s done ✅

Here are examples of simple but effective cover art that I have used to go with recent singles I’ve released. All of these have been produced on free software and little graphic design experience. I will be sure to provide links to the apps used to make them.Click On Image for For Free Download and TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY EMAIL LIST!!!

Every song you upload should have cover art to it. It represents the song and gives off an first impression to the consumer !!!



Promoting your music is very important, but is the biggest step artist miss before uploading music.Use all social media sites to do promotion.This is very important but if used improperly can be ineffective.ed5c49d4a476a4f1625b20be7f58d678_-i-drop-my-mixtape-image-mixtape-drop-meme_480-368Keep in mind, there’s thousands of other followers on their timeline/feed who does music.So its important to actually engage your self in conversation,and keep up with whats going on around you.Be a step a head. Don’t just post a link, get creative.PROMOTE WITHOUT SPAMMING!!!!NO ONE LIKES SPAM.frabz-Niggas-in-your-inbox-like-Ayo-listen-to-my-mixtape-fam-91b692Also,promote at least for a month and do countdowns days before release.Create an mailing list by giving away free music in exchange for email address. These things will help in the long run,especially if you’re making an attempt to sell your upcoming project to the public.You’ll pretty much already have potential customers when its ready with your list.


Now that you’ve got the hype for your upcoming release and you’ve covered BLOG its time to upload your music.If you’re uploading to your uploading this project to your personal website,Kudos,to you your five steps ahead. For those using other platforms like Soundcloud pay attention to the title section ,description, and keywords.This step is important to your search engine rank.It gives your music an great chance to be heard even with an failed promotion campaign.This is great news for those who are not into the web or those into promoting period because with SEO a person can just happen to search your particular genre and hear your music.Thus, gaining you an possible new fan of your music or a possible buyer of your project.

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