Hottest Upcoming Summer Hip Hop Mixtape !!! Good Music And Turkey

“I Feel Like I Gave Em Too Much…with too little promotion” says rapper homeyP 

when asked why he’s planning on releasing an remastered version of already buzzing release of first mixtape GOOD Music And Turkey. 1

Good Music And Turkey was an mixtape with an wide variety of topics and flows given,but I really feel like it could of been better.From quality, to the feel between each song as the next come on. I just want it to feel glued perfectly and promoted wisely, says homeyP.

This time around I’m all in. Providing all the original content fans grew to love.Also, applying an identity to the project.Good music and turkey feels like an love story,so that’s exactly what it will be from all angles.An more RnB feel too it and deeper content.I plan on answering all questions on who is homeyP and what is cadillacin’ by the time you,ve heard it.

The remastered version is scheduled to release this Summer. It will be exclusively available on this site for all of my email subscribers.So please be sure to join the list for free music downloads and exclusive merchandise. Share,Share,Share….Thanks In Advance !!!


Check Out The Cover Art For Good Music And Turkey Remastered:



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