Moizenvelli leaves Miami independent label Black Water Sound Records to do his “Own Thing” 

So today we catch up with the brains behind “Run Up the Dope” rapper Moizenvelli about what really happen on depart of former label, Black Water Sound Rec LLC.
Moizenvelli explains it was all due to just personal reason. Also,states his publisher Michael Frank Romero, who had been an long time friend since he was 17 years old had disrespected him in so many ways he decided to let him go. So now he is basically in a hiatus because no one has heard any new music, deleted all his pictures from Instagram,and Facebook page. Moizenvelli says that when he releases again he will release under his own company but we don’t know what that will be. Now, with the decision to depart the label in full motion the rapper owns no rights to any music released under Black Water Sounds.
His single Run Up Tha Dope released and was officially distributed on Oct 28, 2016. It now available on Itunes,Spotify,Google Play and the former Black Water Sound Rec member followed the release with the now buzzing project Invisible Bodies.
Invisible Bodies was released on February 10, 2017 and has also been distributed to all the major only streaming services.
Moizenvelli Interview With Black Water Sound Records LLC

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